• Ürün Kategorisi: Monitörler
  • Ürün Adı: Uzaktan Kumandalı Monitör Kontrol Paneli ve Kumandası
  • Teknik Bilgi: FI-QCM

Electric Control Panel

Fierre electric control panel is made of metallic material for IP safe area, aluminium for atex area. The configuration of the panel is customized on request: the control panel is equipped with joystick and buttons for all the movements, also for the nozzle where is present. On request, equipping the system with a receptacle and a tramitter, it's available the wireless system. Furthermore, Fierre is also able to supply, for most sophisticated applications, a control system with a PLC and a touchscreen with specific softwares: thanks to a system like this, equipping the monitor with the correct devices (i.e. encoder/potentiometers), the monitor will be able to work in an automatical way. Also the regulation of the nozzle (jet / fog positions), will be completely automatic, in order to protect the desired specific areas in the right way.