• Ürün Kategorisi: Monitörler
  • Ürün Adı: Salınımlı Monitör
  • Teknik Bilgi: FI-SO4
  • Teknik Bilgi: FI-SO3
  • Teknik Bilgi: FI-SO2G 4

Self Oscillating Monitors

Fierre self-oscillanting fire monitors are made of carbon steel or stainless steel, and have a body of 3" or 4". The self-oscillating mechanism is totally hydraulic: thanks to a water turbine and several reduction gears, the monitor is able to turn automatically for about 350 degrees. Furthermore, it is possible to control, thanks to lever or an handweel, the vertical movement. Self-oscillating fire monitors find a typical application on heliports, towers and foam trailers.