Compact Hi-Ex Foam Generator FI-GEA VENT 1

The high expansion foam generator mod. FI-GEA VENT 1 is able to produce large quantities of foam (max capacity 90 lt/min). For this reason it is used for the saturation of enclosed spaces of medium dimensions, as painting chambers and on ships. In any case, this hi-ex generator can be calibrated to deliver different capacities. All models are made of a case and a stainless steel mesh, the latter having the function of suction of the foam, while the riser with nozzles is made of painted carbon steel (stainless steel on request). They are typically fixed to the wall or ceiling of enclosed spaces. Fierre, for this generator, and with a specific foam concentrate, has obtained by Bureau Veritas, the certificate for the correct operation with polluted and hot air. This certification guarantee the perfect operation of the generator inside enclosed spaces without clean air.