• Ürün Kategorisi: Yüksek Genleşmeli Köpük Jeneratörleri
  • Ürün Adı: Hi-Ex Fanlı Tip Köpük Jeneratörü Mod. FI-GEA
  • Teknik Bilgi: FI-GEA
  • Teknik Bilgi: FI-GEA 2
  • Teknik Bilgi: FI-GEA 4

Hi-Ex Foam Generator with Fan Mod. FI-GEA

The high expansion foam generator mod. FI-GEA is able to produce large quantities of foam. For this reason it is used for the saturation of large volumes of enclosed spaces. In any case, this hi-ex generator can be calibrated to deliver different capacities. All models are made of a case and a stainless steel mesh, and of a fan in syntetic material or aluminium, having the function of pushing the foam. They are typically fixed to the wall or ceiling of large enclosed spaces. This hi-ex generator is often preferred to the mod. FI-HEG, because of its compact dimensions.